A beautiful woman walks into a room. Most of the men instantly turn to stare at her. Those men then tap their friends so that they can share in her beauty. Then comes the ego building part of the production.

Men with open mouths, wide eyes and mouthing the words “wow”, all of these subtle things can rule you out almost instantly. Women have fans. Men who praise them, like every one of their pictures and follow them around like sheep.

They don’t want men like this in their life. They appreciate the attention they receive, but they’re more interested in the man who’s head they cannot turn.

This man is rare. A woman can go out to a club 10 times and only find one man like this. It’s a bigger problem for the most beautiful women. Any man can act calm and relaxed around normal women. But carrying yourself in the same manner around a woman who looks like a model is more difficult.

There are men however that give off this persona naturally. Naturally is the key to being relaxed. Pretending that you don’t want a women can sometimes backfire and appear fake.

The men who do best with women are the one’s who understand them. These men have a certain mindset that other men don’t.

You can achieve this mindset one of two ways. One, through exposure to beauty on a regular basis. Two through personal training. Being around pretty women all the time takes away the shock factor. For most men however, being around models every day isn’t possible. Therefore, the second method is probably the best strategy to deploy.

Firstly you have to teach yourself to stop putting women on a pedestal. When a beautiful woman walks into the room, most men have the automatic reaction to turn their head quickly in her direction.

I was talking to a friend the other day about men’s biggest mistake with women. We came to an agreement that looking at every woman who walks past is probably the biggest mistake.

Sitting their like a dog waiting for food is not wise. Women will see you as desperate and creepy. Women love men who show control. The guy who quickly turns his head, and then looks at a woman like shes a goddess as she walks by, has two main issues.

One, that woman knows she has control over him. Two, every other woman has just witness you doing this. Immediately your value decreases. Women realize that you’re just like every other man, obsessed with women and sex.

The correct approach is to live your own life. Stop wondering what her name is, where she lives, what she’s doing tonight and so on. You don’t want to worship this woman and go down the “love at first sight” route.

Enjoy the company you’re with. Have a very busy life, and focus on you. She isn’t the prize, you are. If you have this mindset, then you’ll find women begin coming to you.

being a relaxed man

If a woman walks through a bar, and every man looks at her except one, then who do you think she’ll direct her attention to? She’ll see hundreds of fans and one mature man who isn’t impressed by her. This immediately means “challenge” to a woman.

This isn’t a tactic, don’t become confused. MSi College is all about natural and organic attraction. This relaxed nature is a lifestyle. The easiest way to reach this level, is by learning life.

Understand that women are an abundant resource. Millions of women are born each year, this means that millions of women are turning 18 each year. The supply never runs dry, for each one you lose, there’s ten more to take her place.

You also have to understand that for every beautiful woman, there’s a man out there who was glad to get rid of her. No one is too special. Your aim should be, to become a man who ranks women as one of his lower priorities.

Picture two men. Both earn the same money, and are equally attractive. Man one is obsessed with women. He spends all of his time chasing them, texting them and pressuring them to meet up with him. Man two runs his own business, has a busy schedule and doesn’t really have time to entertain women right now.

Any woman, even if she says otherwise, would find herself chasing man two. It’s natural for humans to want what they can’t have. This is called the scarcity bias. When something is easily available to us, we lose interest. Remember when you wanted to play with a certain toy, just because another child was playing with it? This works just the same with women.

If every man that day has worshiped her, it’s exciting to find someone who couldn’t care less. This excites her, makes her feel normal and makes her believe that he can handle her.

Many men will go to a certain venue, just because they heard that a particular woman was also going there. The relaxed man is only ever concerned about his own life. He could be in a room full of models, and still make his way to the bar and back without turning his head once. Don’t forget, this isn’t restraint. It’s just a way of life that has expanded from knowledge.

Once you realize that there’s 3.5 billion women on planet earth, and endless numbers of pretty ones, a single woman lighting up a club doesn’t seem so special to you.

relaxed man

A relaxed man has no issue with cutting women off. His standards are ridiculously high, and he doesn’t want to bring drama into his life. If a woman appears immature, does something he doesn’t like, or makes him doubt her, he will simply say goodbye, even if she’s flawless in appearance.

Once you reach this stage, interactions with women become effortless. You’re no longer worried about her liking you, but rather you’re weighing up if she’s good enough for you.

Beauty is fickle, it sends men crazy and brings out the ugliest behaviors. No man should chase after a woman and give her endless compliments, just to be told we’re only friends.

If there’s a woman in your life that you can’t seem to attract, take the relaxed approach. Stop trying to impress her and get on with your own life. Start focusing on you, and forget about what she’s doing. Have the mindset of, “if you’re going to mess me around, then i’d rather not have you in my life”.

You should be embarrassed every time you place a woman on a pedestal. Nothing good can come from this. Women are attention seekers. The second they receive that attention their happy. They feel desired and they can move on. This is why the relaxed man has them chasing after him. She can’t get what she needs from him, so it forces her to try harder.

At this point you’ll find that women are approaching you, trying their best to get your attention and so on. It’s begins to border on pathetic. They will dance near you, walk past you far too often, and watch your every move. But remember, this is how you look when you’re the one trying to get her attention.

Don’t be afraid to say no, don’t be afraid to move away from her and never worry about not seeing her again. If you give the impression of a relaxed and aloof man, then women will come to you. This type of man is so rare, that women can’t afford to let him go, never mind the other way around.