If you have read some of my other articles on sexual transmutation or the article women create men, then you will be familiar with the concept of using sexual energy  to fuel your life.

 If not then here’s a brief introduction to the field. In life we are driven by sex and the desire to reproduce. Finding a partner is a big part of this since a partner tells our brain that we have someone we can start a family with, resulting in the ultimate jackpot of life which is the continuation or passing on of our genes. The theory is vastly expanded in an eye opening book by Richard Dawkins called THE SELFISH GENE.

 By holding off from things such as masturbation, porn, sex and girlfriends it enables men to build up intense sexual energy that they can transfer into other areas of life such as the gym, success and making more money. The likes of Einstein, Tesla and Gandhi have all used this technique at certain stages of their life when needed.

 The modern man seems to live a life in which he panic picks a partner, in fear of ending up alone. The modern man needs someone to go through life with rather than deciding to conquer it on his own. The common couple’s routine now consists of lying in bed each weekend, eating takeaways, watching Netflix, cuddling for hours on end and pretty much wasting time on activities that offer nothing in return.

 This not only prevents a man from being successful but it also alters his mind-set. He believes that he has found a partner to mate with, the conquest is done. No longer does he have to fight, jump, swim or climb his way through life because he has the ultimate prize. This mind-set is dangerous, it’s the exact reason why we see so many men being cheated on in the modern era.

They get comfortable and lazy in the relationship and in life. Women want one thing more than anything in a man and that’s ambition, a woman will go crazy for a man who has a path in life and takes her down it. Men in relationships have regular sex, they have nothing else to search for since the main goal in life is reproduction.

 This lazy mind-set prevents men from achieving great things hence why the article is called why you shouldn’t get a girlfriend too soon. Of course many will say that there are hundreds of successful men who have wives and they’d be right, but the majority of them have at least one of three differences within their situation.

Firstly they either became successful first then found love, secondly they are slightly older and sex has become less common allowing for sexual energy to be used productively, or the woman is just as driven as the man allowing for both individuals to flourish. An example of this would be the Obama’s.

 By removing the ultimate prize of life, you are left with a situation where your brain begins to panic. Suddenly sitting around all day watching movies just doesn’t cut it, your brain, body and sexual energy will force you to become better in order to attract women.

 Think about it, if you already had a beautiful girlfriend who was loyal, then your priorities would probably be to start a family, settle down in a safe and secure home and live out the illusion of a perfect life. Believe me I got caught in this trap myself a few years ago.

Once you remove the woman and starve yourself of sexual acts, your body develops an intense motivation for success that can only be satisfied by relentless work rate. Have you ever wanted a girl at school or at work so badly that you went out of your way and even comfort zone to achieve something remarkable? Well that’s sexual energy, men develop a whole new ability when driven by this power.

By having a girlfriend and regular sex you remove this from your life, creating a man who is content with what he already has. Get the success first then the girl.

 Using this power while you’re young can have a huge advantage on your life, due to how intense sexual energy is at such a young age. This is why waiting a few more years for a girlfriend is essential, just make sure that you’re not watching porn and masturbating otherwise the entire effect will be cancelled out.

 We all want to impress women, but this cannot be done if you already have one. Drive yourself crazy with sexual energy, get a crush and do everything you can to attract her with success. You will find that tasks get completed effortlessly and at levels never before seen.