Our girl of the week is Stacie Kayy. Stacie has kindly participated in a short interview for us to tell all of you men what she finds most attractive in a man and what you can do to improve. But firstly here are some images of Stacie. If you’d like to follow Stacie just click on her name in any of the images below to be taken to her instagram, or simply hit follow if your phone is connected to instagram.




MSi College: What is the most attractive thing a man can do?

Stacie: The most attractive thing a man can do is be THOUGHTFUL. Pay attention to my likes and dislikes and base his gestures off that.

MSi College: What’s the first thing you notice about a man?

Stacie: The first thing I notice in a man is his level of CONFIDENCE from the way he walks to the way he talks.

MSi College: How important/attractive is self improvement for men?

Stacie: Self improvement is vital! If a man is not improving he is content which leaves him no room to grow. No matter what a man has achieved it is always important to work towards greater. It is one of the most attractive traits for a man to want to be better than the man he was the day before.

MSi College: Pick the best trait from these 3 options. Looks & body. Success & money. Personality.

Stacie: Personality…personality affects all aspects of a persons performance.

MSi College: What’s the least attractive thing a man can do?

Stacie: The least attractive thing a man can do is LIE.

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