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It’s easy to move around and look good, you have a purpose, somewhere to go and you look normal. But what about standing around?

It’s easy to look like a stalker, a loner or even the least confident person in the room when you’re standing still.

This situation usually occurs when you’re waiting for others, waiting for a drink at the bar or when you’re not currently talking to anyone, that’s why it can be socially awkward, you look more like a hanger-on than someone who’s supposed to be there.



James Bond, someone who’s never struggled with this said it best. It’s all just a matter of perspective.

In your eyes you look awkward, which makes you feel more awkward and in turn adds to how awkward you look, it’s a vicious circle.

But think of the people around you. They’re either briefly walking past you, or looking at you momentarily. It’s hard to imagine that you’re in a situation where hundreds of people have their eyes on you unexpectedly.

These people are not worried about how you look, they’re not going to laugh, ask you why you’re standing alone and so forth. From their perspective you’re a man in the street or a man in the room.

We’re all so scared to do nothing when it comes to movement. We believe that moving more and talking more make us more socially attractive, as if everyone’s judging us on our social prowess everywhere we go.

The most confident men don’t actually move a lot, and only talk when necessary. You have to become comfortable with your own body and stance. In this post we’ll give you 10 ways to achieve this.


10 Ways To Look Good When Standing Still


  • Muscle Tone

Muscle tone is responsible for good posture. If you want that natural stance that emits power and confidence, then get in the gym and tone those muscles.

Even the most confident man can appear petrified if he has a floppy physique that causes him to slouch.

Take men like Dwayne Johnson or Henry Cavill (In the picture as Superman) as examples. These men are able to stand still, do nothing and still look like a pillar of masculinity, success and power.


  • Chin Parallel To The Ground

The worst thing you can do in this situation is look at the ground. Standing on your own and looking at your feet is associated with failure, depression, fear and other negative feelings.

In order to avoid this and look like a man who is strong and proud, you must keep your chin parallel to the ground. This in simple form means look forward. In fact slightly elevating your chin by a degree or two above level, can give you the appearance of power and pride.


  • Stop Shuffling

Most men will shift their weight from left to right when standing still, as if those brief 2-3 seconds are going to make them look like they’re doing something.

Become comfortable with standing still. Make all of your movements slow. There’s no need to shift your weight from foot to foot, this just makes you appear nervous.


  • Stop Looking Around

You’re not under attack, you may be waiting for someone, but you don’t want to appear desperate. By looking around, you look like a child who’s lost and looking for his Mother.

Just look in the direction you’re facing, and only turn slowly if need be.


  • Shoulders Back & Down

Having your shoulders high shows that you’re on full alert and far from comfortable. In order to display composer, your shoulders need to be back and down.

This doesn’t mean that you force this action. It simply means that you should be more at ease, breathe deeply and let them reach this position naturally.

By doing this you remove tension and actually become more relaxed which helps with the awkwardness.


  • Feet Wide & Flat

Look at any superhero. Their feet are planted flat on the ground and wide apart. This is to suggest dominance and power. A strong stance makes it harder for you to be pushed out of the way, which is a very powerful visual effect.

In order to master this stance, your toes need to be pointing outwards, the rest will follow from this lead action.


  • Let Your Chest Expand

Stop slouching. So many people are afraid to be looked at, so they do everything possible to become invisible.

Men have large chests, don’t be afraid of this fact. Let your chest expand as you stand upright, no one finds poor posture appealing.

There are women out there who don’t have the most amazing figures, but they stand and walk in a certain way that makes it look like they do. Gal Gadot (Wonder Woman) comes to my mind. You can have this same effect as a man by being proud of your features.


  • Hold All Items Down Low

This goes for drinks, umbrellas and any other items. By keeping things high and around the upper body region, it suggests that you’re using them as a cover, protection if you would.

A confident man exposes his upper body for world to see. This is actually a primal feature. Our vital organs, jugular vein and brain are all higher up, by exposing them you show that you’re the alpha male and no one’s a threat.

It sounds strange in the modern world, but it’s an unconscious behaviour embedded within us. There’s a reason shields were held side-on at shoulder height. This enabled the carrier to protect the upper body and the head in 2 simple movements, up and down.

Move everything down lower, let items hang. Show the world that you’re not afraid.


  • Close Your Mouth

No one likes a mouth breather. If you want to look like a gawking stalker, then stand still with your mouth open, you’ll probably be approached by someone and questioned in less than an hour.


  • Stop Touching Yourself

Scratching, brushing yourself down and readjusting your clothes, are all signs of a lack of confidence. You’re technically grooming yourself because you care about the opinions of those around you, this would be the primal reasoning.

In order to look confident when standing still. Let your arms rest by your side. If you have good muscle tone, your arms will sit well and stop you from looking too straight and ridged.



Your cell phone is cheating. So many people when standing still breakout their phone and use that to mask their insecurities.

Be a man for once, put the phone away and embrace the loneliness. Stand there like you have purpose and be a pillar of masculinity and confidence to those around you.

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