Disruption and rarity are the keys to being noticed. The man who stands-out is not the one who’s peacocking or trying too hard. The man who stands-out is the purple cow.

Purple cow is a book by Seth Godin which was written for business purposes.

In this book Seth talks about advertising. He says that driving along a country lane we must see at least 1,000 cows that we don’t pay attention to. However if a purple cow walked across the road we’d immediately sit up and take notice.

So what does this tell us about attraction?

There’s a reason why the woman with huge breasts, wide hips, a beautiful face or a large rear gets noticed. It’s rare and different from the norm.

A woman with a ridiculous hip to waist ratio will turn heads because we don’t see it everyday. The woman with big lips sparks an interest but not as much as the woman with a ridiculous hip to waist ratio because it’s not as rare.

The point I’m trying to make is that there’s a rarity scale in terms of attraction just like we’ve spoken about before. However in the past we’ve only told you about the scale alone, in today’s article we’re going to flesh out that scale with the more minor details of how to standout.

It’s worth noting that you don’t have to have every feature in each level below, we’ve included multiple features as examples to show you the kinds of things needed to be in that bracket.


The Attraction Of Rarity


Level 1: Things that every man has naturally

  • A face
  • A body
  • Ability to use senses
  • Emotions
  • A penis
  • Testosterone

This level is something that every man has from birth if they’re fortunate enough to not experience any dramatic events.

Level 2: Things that every man can achieve easily

  • Drivers licence and car
  • Below 25% body fat
  • Job/income of any kind
  • Independence
  • Clean/good hygiene
  • Reasonably dressed
  • Good haircut

These are normal everyday things that are expected of men and receive little praise

Level 3: Things that require minimal work to achieve, 1 in 10 men

  • Below 18% body fat
  • Okay muscle definition/size
  • Good oral health
  • Healthy appearance
  • Normal to moderately good looking (Mr Average)
  • Normal wage/job
  • Well dressed

These things are what on the scale is referred to as normality or salient.

Level 4: Things found in 1 in every 100 men – (Start Of The Purple Cow Effect)

  • Good paying job
  • A few minor assets like a good car and house that others can’t afford
  • Good shape 15% body fat or below, maybe first signs of a six pack
  • Good muscle definition and size
  • Being over 6ft tall could make you standout, although 1 in 100 may not be the exact scientific data
  • High confidence
  • Costly clothes
  • The beginning of above average penis sizes
  • Clearly intelligent
  • Good sporting prowess/noticeable athleticism
  • Something that separates them such as great hair/great skin/nice eyes
  • Attractive face
  • Very high testosterone that enables dominance over other men

This is the beginning of the purple cow effect. This is called local rarity. This man would standout in any area that he lived in, but wouldn’t necessarily make an impact outside of this region. This is where men get cocky and think they’re better than what they are which you can read about by clicking the link.

Level 5: Things found in every 1 in 1,000 – 10,000 men depending on the location. (LA would be different from most other places for example due to it’s model/actor population)

  • Strong jawline
  • Earning great money
  • Expensive assets
  • Below 12% body fat
  • Extremely deep voice that women instantly respond to
  • Very good muscle size/definition
  • Expensive clothing/Out dressing everyone else
  • High cheek bones
  • Perhaps local fame/popularity
  • Elite Intelligence/a recognizable profession such as Doctor
  • Extremely attractive overall face

This category is regional rarity. This man cannot be found often for most women, and may come along only once in her lifetime. He’s a strong alpha male character that makes all of her previous boyfriends look useless.

Level 6: Things found in every 1 million men

  • Could be a fitness model – below 10% body fat
  • Could be a male model
  • Very high and wide cheek bones
  • Professional athlete of some kind
  • Noticeably hollow cheeks
  • Unbelievable muscle tone or highly noticeable size
  • Rich
  • Expensive car/house
  • Expensive clothing that’s tailored/well fitted professionally
  • Fame
  • Elite intelligence that’s being put to use
  • World class speaker
  • CEO
  • NBA size, 6ft 8inch with huge hands and a large frame

You’ll notice at this level there are things like noticeably hollow cheeks and very high and wide cheeks bones which seem trivial. But this is because these features are never seen unless within the modelling industry which displays their rarity. The men on this level will have features, assets or talents that nearly all other men they meet won’t have, and this enables them to standout from the crowd.

Level 7: A combination of every other level

This level is the final stage and a recap of everything above. This level is where the true elite sit. As we said, you don’t have to have everything within each level to be on that level. If you don’t have hollow cheeks or a large penis then it’s not the end of the world, we just wanted to use real world examples that people could understand from multiple areas of life, we’re by no means saying that you have to have these things.

The men on level 7 may be in great shape, good looking, confident, intelligent, famous and rich all at once. This takes them past being a purple cow and makes them into a rainbow colored cow that fires candy floss out of it’s hooves.

Women can’t help but notice these men and in fact act pretty pathetic when around them. This is where you’ll see women with no shame doing whatever it takes to land that man.

The purple cow begins when you’re at local rarity. Being 1 in 100 means women will notice you. But don’t get carried away, this is still a pretty low level.

It’s not until around level 5, 1 in every 1,000 to 10,000 that you’ll start making waves and can outshine pretty much most other men you encounter on a daily basis.

Rarity also results in a more beneficial life/more opportunities. People want what isn’t readily available. If something becomes common, then people lose interest.

Look around, workout how many other men could compete with you and gauge where you stand. Then work on becoming rare, work on the things that are hard to achieve that hardly any other men have or can get with minimal effort.