In success stories we take a look at some of the most successful people in history and breakdown their lives and tips to success. In this post we will be featuring the billionaire genius Bill Gates.


NAME: Bill Gates

DOB: October 28 1955


NET WORTH: 79.2 Billion USD


MENTORS: Dr Ed Roberts and Warren Buffett

Early life

  • In 1967 Gates enrolled in lakeside school, an exclusive private school, where he meets his future business partner Paul Allen
  • Gates was excused from maths class in order to develop his love for computers
  • In 1973 Gates goes to Harvard as a pre-law major. He soon shifts his focus to maths and computer science courses
  • Takes a leave of absence from Harvard to work on a software venture
  • 1976 Registers Microsoft
  • 1977 Second leave of absence from Harvard. This time he sets up Microsoft in Albuquerque, and will not return to Harvard until he’s a billionaire
  • Gates doesn’t take a day off for 10 years. He spends most of his time in the same room working around the clock


  • 1987 Gates becomes the youngest billionaire in history at the age of 31 and meets his future wife Melinda French at a Microsoft event
  • 1995 Gates has a fortune of 12.9 Billion and becomes the richest man in the world age 39
  • 2000 Gates steps down as CEO of Microsoft
  • 2005 Gates receives a knighthood from Queen Elizabeth II
  • 2006 He focuses on the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation and moves away from typical business
  • 2007 Graduates from Harvard
  • 2008 Losses his 13 year crown as the worlds richest man to Carlos Slim

Current life

  • Working to eradicate diseases and global issues
  • Involved in helping start-up companies
  • Involved heavily in the Bill and Melinda Gates foundation
  • Keynote speeches

Top traits 

  • Extremely intelligent
  • Courage
  • Positive person
  • Determination
  • Focus and discipline
  • Passionate
  • Competitive
  • Reads a lot
  • Strategic
  • Willpower
  • Deals well with stress

Top tips

  • Start as early as possible
  • Enter into partnerships
  • You will not make $60,000 straight out of high school
  • Be your own boss as soon as possible
  • Don’t whine about your mistakes, learn from them
  • Be committed and passionate
  • Life is the best school, not university or college
  • Be nice to nerds
  • TV is not real life
  • Life is not fair

Best quote

If you’re born poor then it’s not your mistake, but if you die poor, then it’s your mistake