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If you’re looking for a bar that can take your breath away from it’s surroundings alone, a rooftop bar is hard to beat. In this post we’ll take you through the 16 best rooftop bars around the world.


Trump Tower Rooftop Bar Chicago


The Press Lounge New York City


Sky Lounge Stellar Garden Tokyo


The View San Francisco

best rooftop bars in the world


Uptown Bar Dubai


Ghost Bar Las Vegas


Sky Bar Bangkok


Area 31 Miami


Rooftop 600 San Diego


AER Mumbai


Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel GL Rooftop Bar Barcelona


Asilo Mumbai


Radio Rooftop Bar London


The P.O.V Washington D.C


Vertigo & Moon Bar Bangkok


Sevva Hong Kong

An Alcohol Lesson That May Save You From Embarrassing Moments

Firstly I'd just like to state that we don't encourage alcohol consumption at MSi, as we always get questions when we bring this topic up. But at the same time we're here to help men all around the world, some who drink, some who don't. We ask that everyone is...
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The Multiple Paths Of Success

We have all heard the phrase, "The only way to be successful is". Certain individuals will promote one exact method, suggesting that this is the only formula to follow for becoming successful. These people may have used this system to create their own success, or...
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Is It Dangerous To Fall In Love When You’re Planning On Becoming A Success?

As anyone who's made it will tell you, in order to get to the top you can't live a normal lifestyle. This includes relationships. Of course relationships can be balanced with success, but in the majority of occasions it's more of a hindrance than a help. Let's explain...
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How To Control How Much Money You Make

Everyone wants more money but no one understands its language. Most people speak the language of a worker, but very few people speak the language of a generator. I'll give you a task right this moment to prove this point. In the next hour, without borrowing money,...
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What You Need To Know About Becoming The Person You Admire

Overcoming fear and finally developing into who you want to be

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How Your Clothes Can Improve Your Chances Of Success

A man's clothes say a lot about him, but is there any truth to sayings such as, "The clothes make the man", "Dress for the job you want" or "Dress for success"? In this post we're going to take a look at the power of a well tailored suit, and how it can genuinely help...
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The 3 Core Components Of Wealth and How You Should Use Them

The 3 main components are : Workers Mentality In my teens I was driven completely by money. Any job I would do was centred around the money I would make from doing it. I turned my hand to everything and worked extremely hard on mundane tasks in order to up my money....
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5 Basic Cooking Tips From Gordon Ramsay

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Everything A Cultured Man Should Know About Wine

There’s three main things that we associate with a cultured man. Great style, the ability to speak multiple languages and a deep domain knowledge of the finer things in life. Wine falls into the category of finer things and is certainly something that can make you...
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Having The Mindset Of A Winner

Winners are simply people who decide one day that they want more out of life. They decide that they deserve everything they've ever wanted and they don't feel a hint of guilt about feeling this way. Too many people are worried about how others will perceive them or...
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How To Move Forward In Life Quicker Than Everyone Else

I could write this article very simply by using the cliche WORK HARDER. Then I could go on about how you've got to put the work in each and every day in order to make it. To be honest, that's not bad advice, the only problem is, it's been said before and not every...
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13 Jobs About To Be Taken By Robots – Is Yours On The List?

We're currently sitting on the crest of a revolution, with technology and humans about to go head to head. There's a reason why some of the worlds biggest companies just signed an AI agreement, they recognize how advanced we're becoming and how much more we can now...
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