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If you’re looking for a bar that can take your breath away from it’s surroundings alone, a rooftop bar is hard to beat. In this post we’ll take you through the 16 best rooftop bars around the world.


Trump Tower Rooftop Bar Chicago


The Press Lounge New York City


Sky Lounge Stellar Garden Tokyo


The View San Francisco

best rooftop bars in the world


Uptown Bar Dubai


Ghost Bar Las Vegas


Sky Bar Bangkok


Area 31 Miami


Rooftop 600 San Diego


AER Mumbai


Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel GL Rooftop Bar Barcelona


Asilo Mumbai


Radio Rooftop Bar London


The P.O.V Washington D.C


Vertigo & Moon Bar Bangkok


Sevva Hong Kong

People Major In The Minor Things

The title refers to a quote made famous by life coach Tony Robbins. The quote is, "Most people fail in life because they major in the minor things". This quote is so good that I believe it deserves an entire article to explain it's deep rooted meaning. This quote...
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3 Money Lessons That Will Change Your Mindset

3 valuable lessons that will change the way you think about earning money

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Tips For Becoming Rich – Felix Dennis 500 Million Dollar Man

Felix Dennis was an English Publisher/poet who is no longer with us. However Felix managed to acquire a fortune of $500m during his time on earth and has left us the blueprint to follow for ourselves. Dennis made the majority of his money from magazine publishing...
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The Power Of Color & How To Use It

We live in a world where extravagant designs and creativity are king, but it's the most simple things that end up generating the most traction. Color can be used in many ways to improve sales, trigger emotions or even make something stand out among the masses. In...
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8 Things That Distract You From Success

Success can be tough enough on its own, but with so many distractions in the modern era, many people can make their journey near impossible. In this post we'll take you through the 8 main distractions that can hold you back from achieving success.   8 Things That...
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20 Quotes That Prevent Success

This post is going to be all about those misleading quotes. The one's that sound good, but when evaluated make no sense at all. These quotes have been passed down through the decades, and passed onto us by our friends and family. The quotes we will feature are...
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The 4 Levels Of Learning

Learning new things is great. We receive a dopamine boost and we feel accomplished. We're now more knowledgeable, and have a greater chance of achieving success in the future. Or so we think. Reading endless amounts of books, studying multiple topics and spending...
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Elon Musk: How To Build The Future Y Combinator Interview

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What Scientist Richard Dawkins Can Teach You About Taking Control Of Your Own Success

Richard Dawkins is a genius scientist and considered one of the smartest people alive. Richard has found infamous fame among religious groups with his logical reasoning for the illusion of God/Gods. Regardless of your religious view, Richard makes some good points...
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How To Be Successful At Everything You Do

This article comes off the back of a down day. It's not that everything went wrong, but that my normal motivation/work rate wasn't quite there. But I did learn something extremely valuable that I wanted to pass on. I thought about the hundreds of good days I've had in...
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The One Simple Test That Will Tell You How Rich You’re Going To Be

Everyday some child will ask their parents whether they're going to be rich. We all wonder what our futures hold, and pray that they're prosperous. But how are we supposed to know? The majority of people will still be doing the same things in 20 years, with no...
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An Alcohol Lesson That May Save You From Embarrassing Moments

Firstly I'd just like to state that we don't encourage alcohol consumption at MSi, as we always get questions when we bring this topic up. But at the same time we're here to help men all around the world, some who drink, some who don't. We ask that everyone is...
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