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If you’re looking for a bar that can take your breath away from it’s surroundings alone, a rooftop bar is hard to beat. In this post we’ll take you through the 16 best rooftop bars around the world.


Trump Tower Rooftop Bar Chicago


The Press Lounge New York City


Sky Lounge Stellar Garden Tokyo


The View San Francisco

best rooftop bars in the world


Uptown Bar Dubai


Ghost Bar Las Vegas


Sky Bar Bangkok


Area 31 Miami


Rooftop 600 San Diego


AER Mumbai


Eurostars Grand Marina Hotel GL Rooftop Bar Barcelona


Asilo Mumbai


Radio Rooftop Bar London


The P.O.V Washington D.C


Vertigo & Moon Bar Bangkok


Sevva Hong Kong

Why Successful Men Stay Single For Longer

I like to cover every angle and address everyone's objections in these articles. Therefore lets start by saying that not all successful men stay single for longer. But as we have said before, do not live your life according to the exception. If the majority of cases...
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Why Prioritizing Is The Key To Men’s Success

There has been a lot of talk in recent years concerning work life balance. Work life balance is the amount of time we dedicate to our working life, compared to the amount of time we dedicate to the other regions of our lives. These other regions include: Sleep &...
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5 Basic Cooking Tips From Gordon Ramsay

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Why It’s Vital To Recognize The Difference Between Progress & Routine

The first day you arrive at the workplace, you're like a cat on hot bricks. The same goes for an entrepreneur. You have so many new things to be doing and you're eager to make progress. Fast forward a year and everything starts to look a little bit too structured....
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Success Relies More On Your Personality Than Your Ability

We regularly hear that success is an iceberg, people only see 10%, the final 10% that gets the results. This tricks so many people into thinking that those at the top have a certain skill-set that they themselves cannot match and never will. But there's still 90% of...
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Having The Mindset Of A Winner

Winners are simply people who decide one day that they want more out of life. They decide that they deserve everything they've ever wanted and they don't feel a hint of guilt about feeling this way. Too many people are worried about how others will perceive them or...
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20 Quotes That Prevent Success

This post is going to be all about those misleading quotes. The one's that sound good, but when evaluated make no sense at all. These quotes have been passed down through the decades, and passed onto us by our friends and family. The quotes we will feature are...
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Why Exposure Can Change Your Life

For the majority of people, their childhood consists of playing on games consoles, meeting up with friends, watching TV and running around. Once they get to school they meet people who have had the same life, and are taught by teachers who haven't reached top levels...
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People Major In The Minor Things

The title refers to a quote made famous by life coach Tony Robbins. The quote is, "Most people fail in life because they major in the minor things". This quote is so good that I believe it deserves an entire article to explain it's deep rooted meaning. This quote...
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How Successful People Spend Their Spare Time

You go to a job you hate and can't wait to get home. The moment you leave that office, factory or studio you think about everything but work. The last thought on your mind is work related and the other elements of your life come alive. Social life, entertainment and...
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The Most Important Skill For A Promotion At Work

There’s one thing above all else that will get you that promotion you’ve been looking for at work. Before we reveal what this is, you have to understand the mind-set and the daily tasks of your boss. Although most people would say that their boss does nothing all day...
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Elon Musk: How To Build The Future Y Combinator Interview

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