Diet advice is abundant. If you searched perfect male diet on the web you’d come up with 100 contrasting plans that all aim towards achieving the same end goal.

However following these diets doesn’t seem to get you looking like the person promoting it. This is sadly for longevity reasons. Why would they want you to get in perfect shape? Then you’re not a customer anymore.

They’d much rather improve your diet and get you some results, but never as good as them. As soon as the student become better than the teacher, the teacher is useless.

Therefore diet coaches give you a good diet plan, but they throw in some questionable foods in order to hold you back ever so slightly.


Want To Know How They Do It?

It’s very simple. No sugar or salt. Only drink water. Eat nothing more than fish, chicken, steak, eggs, nuts and vegetables.

In short they eat mainly protein and good fats. Their carb intake is minimal and their bodies are put through this regiment for maybe a month before they return back to normal in order to avoid muscle loss.

If you go a week on this diet, you’ll find that it gets instant results. People say this isn’t sustainable. They say that it’ll destroy your health. But this isn’t true. A month acts more like a cleanse, it controls your sugar levels and resets your body to burn fat again.

Of course you still have to train, but getting ripped becomes as easy as getting fat.


Athletes Vs Fitness Models

Cristiano Ronaldo is well-known for being shredded. However next to a model, even though he’s tensing and 90+ minutes into a football match, he doesn’t look as good..

This is surprising because there’s no way fitness models are working harder than a professional footballer who’s operating at the top level and well-known for his work ethic.

At best they’re all training at roughly the same level/intensity.

So why isn’t Ronaldo as shredded as the fitness models? Because his diet has to be different for performance reasons.

These fitness models know that the money is in the aesthetics. The better they look the more money they make.

For Ronaldo the more goals he scores and the better he plays is more important. Yes he does model, but he only has access to this world because of his footballing success. Therefore football is his first priority.

Ronaldo is probably eating a large amount of carbs to fuel his body and prevent injury. In term of performance, his body is probably perfect. It creates a strange situation where if he had any less body fat, he’d probably be less effective on the pitch.

Another example is Floyd Mayweather. This guy works extremely hard. In fact here’s an image of him during a weigh-in.

For anyone who doesn’t know, during a weigh-in a boxer will avoid food and water in order to make the weight. They do this so that they can be as light as possible. This means that come fight night, when they’ve eaten again and re-hydrated, they’ll be significantly heavier than the weight they were supposed to be at.

Yet even with this starvation and lack of hydration tactic, Floyd still can’t compete with a fitness model In terms of aesthetics. This shows the extremity of what fitness models go through. You have to respect their commitment, but telling us that it’s the training is idiotic. If this was the case then both Cristiano and Floyd would be in far better shape.

Anthony Joshua is another example. This guy is probably at the peak of physical human ability. He’s inevitably going to become the next Heavyweight world champion, perhaps the most valuable title a man can be given, it really is a top of the pile label.

Yet even Anthony isn’t quite at the same level as most fitness models.



There’s a simple trade-off if you want to reach a ridiculous level of body fat. This comes down to performance vs aesthetics. There’s many memes on Instagram that put a fitness model next to bodybuilders with a caption that says, “Looks vs Strength”.

These memes are right. The fitness models that are extremely lean are in good shape, and probably quite strong. But they’ve traded looks for performance, which you can’t really blame them for.

In a world controlled by appearance, it makes sense to do so.

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