It’s a familiar circumstance. An unattractive and noticeably older man walks past with a young and attractive woman. What’s the immediate response?

“Gold Digger! She’s only with him for the money”

But is this really an issue? Isn’t the core purpose of life to pass on your genetics? Therefore a man with possessions and power would enable a woman’s children to have the best possible start in life.

Of course there are those women who actively seek out men with money, however this is simply a result of evolution, and not a direct indicator of their personality. Let me explain.

Women calculate a man’s attractiveness using his looks for about 20% of the overall score. Men however use a woman’s looks for around 80% of her overall attractiveness. Therefore this means that men and women are just as guilty as one another when it comes to valuing something superficial. It’s as the quote goes…

“Money is to women, what beauty is to men”

Therefore, can we say that gold digger is a misused term? Is it not wise for women to seek out the wealthiest man? We only get one life, why spend it poor? If you have the opportunity to attract wealthy men, then why would you not take this chance? It would give you and your children a better life. Besides, science suggests that a woman’s attraction to a man as a person, is highly dependent on his success.

Why am I telling you this? 

Because understanding women is around 90% of the battle when trying to attract them. The problem is, most men haven’t yet latched onto this idea. Women are constantly trying to make themselves look better. Women know that looks are everything for them to survive in the modern world. Men however should focus their attention on self improvement and personal success.

If a man is ranked as follows:

20% his looks

80% him as a person

Then what is the use of focusing on looking good when your life isn’t where you want it to be? You now know that women value money, power and success as greater qualities than being good looking, therefore your attention should turn to these subjects. Lets take a look at a situation to expel the gold digger myth.

Man A


Poorly dressed

Lacks ambition

Angry with life

Blames everyone else for his problems

Barely survives financially month to month

Lives with his mum

Man B 

Has his life together

Has no money problems

Has his own house

Has a reliable and safe car

Can provide and raise a family effortlessly

Has powerful contacts and friends in high places

Which man is going to make the woman feel more secure? Which man is by far the more appealing option? Of course it’s man B. Is that a reason to call a woman a gold digger? No, it’s simply a myth men made up as an excuse to mask their problems.

Now we’re not saying that you have to be rich to attract women, but you do need to make the best of yourself in life. Women want to be with a confident, secure, mature, wise and dependable man, and there’s never been a better way to display these traits than becoming successful.

You have to ask yourself, would you be with a woman that you didn’t find attractive? Probably not, well neither would a woman. Women find wealth and success attractive, therefore they choose based on these traits. Therefore my advice to any man currently struggling with women is…


Upgrade yourself everyday. If you maintain that all women are gold diggers, then this will hold you back forever from attracting women. There comes a point where every man needs to grow up and realize that this is simple science, it’s life. Women find wealth and success attractive, it’s time to use it to your advantage. Most men would rather sit there and complain about all of the gold diggers in the world, rather than put in the necessary work to become what women want.

Of course you can remain as you are and one day meet a woman who likes you for the current you. But she won’t be the girl you’ve always dreamed of. When you become wealthy and successful, women still want you for you, just an upgraded version of you. One that is a far more appealing package than before.

If you were a woman and considered a perfect 10, would you seek out a man who lives with his mum, has $100 in his account and has no ambition to change all of this? No, you’d seek out a welfare trade-off, an equilibrium where beauty is traded for wealth. There’s a reason why the hottest girls end up with the richest, most successful or most accomplished men. It’s because of the perception that both parties have. Each individual sees the relationship as a fair trade. The woman values the man as equal to, or greater than herself. Nobody ever stayed with someone they thought they were better than.

Let me just stress that it’s not all about being wealthy. It comes down to the qualities that being wealthy or successful insinuates to others around you. A poor man living at home with mum comes across as immature, lazy and unambitious, even if he’s not. A rich and successful man is viewed as confident, smart, ambitious, mature and independent, which are all attractive traits. This is why in a recent study, scientists found that in a particular situation, poor men and rich men were viewed as equally attractive. This was only the case when the poor man showed high levels of potential and ambition. This made women believe than he would become a success and accumulate wealth in the future.

Think twice next time you’re about to call a woman a gold digger. Are you being honest with yourself, or are you merely using it as an excuse to mask your own insecurities? It could be the simple limiting belief that’s been holding you back with women and life in general.

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