There’s one simple success formula that has worked for hundreds of years and will continue to work for hundreds more.

This system is unbelievably basic, but for some reason near impossible for most to follow.

This system looks like this…

formula for success

As you can see it’s extremely simplified, so we will add some flesh to those bones further into this article and tell you what each of the 4 components need in order to be achieved.

But the fundamentals are all there. The problem is, most people want to make money and level up, but they don’t want to work hard and reinvest their profits.

Anyone can make a bit of cash/get paid from a job and then decide upon the next stage of their business, or the next stage of their career path. But very few people are willing to work continuously and see their hard earned money get away from them without buying something nice.


Fuel For The Fire

Anyone who’s ever been camping will know that a fire also has fundamentals.

Firstly you need to collect the wood, stones and whatever else is needed to build the fire. Then get it started. This is the hard work process.

Once the fire is burning you feel a sense of accomplishment and warmth. This is getting paid/earning money.

Next is the important part. If you don’t keep adding wood, twigs, branches or anything else that burns, the fire will go out. The more you add the longer it will continue to burn for. If you only add a small amount, then the fire will eventually die-off. After adding enough wood, the fire begins to become sustainable and burns long into the night effortlessly.

This is the reinvestment part. Invest a small amount/nothing at all, and you can expect to see things die out pretty quickly. Invest a lot and you’ll see results. Invest continuously and eventually just like the fire, things will become sustainable and continue to grow with minimal effort due to momentum.

Once the fire is burning and easy to sustain, this is the period where you gather around the fire, sit back, get the beers and marshmallows out. This is like levelling up, because everything has become significantly better and you have the ability to do more.


Flesh To Those Bones

So now that you know the basics, let’s take a look at the ins and outs of each individual section.

Working Hard

This component needs a sickening work ethic. The harder you work, the more money you’ll have available further down the line. This component controls everything else, which is why people who talk about success, money and the good life, but never do anything never gain any traction.

You also have to make sure that you’re working on the right things. Imagine collecting 1,000 stones and bringing them back to camp. Then it turns out you only needed 20 and the wood was more important.

Make Money

This is simple like we said. Nearly everyone on planet Earth knows how to do this in one way or another. Ever since the creation of money people have figured out ways to earn it.

This step is entirely dependent upon working hard. What it can do for you is entirely dependent upon the next step.

This is what people don’t understand about money. It’s not the money itself that holds the power, a number in a bank account is a number in a bank account. It’s what you do with that money that counts.

Someone earning minimum wage from a 9 to 5 can move forward quicker than a wealthy banker if the 9 to 5 worker is investing as much as possible and the banker is enjoying a lavish lifestyle wasting every penny. It’s not so much the amount that matters, although it helps, it’s the commitment to invest as much a possible that makes the difference.

Reinvest That Money

As the quote says, “The best investment you’ll ever make is in yourself.” Many people believe that this is only apparent for entrepreneurs. But there are dietitians paying for online courses, going to seminars and buying books to brush up on their knowledge.

There are Authors paying for self-promotion and a top level book cover.

There are website designers paying for the latest software, investing in courses to learn about the new way to do something and buying top level equipment to make their service better.

Reinvesting your money can be done millions of ways. Many people see this stage as wasted money. Take the UK Apprentice TV show as an example.

One of the contestants had made £70,000 from her business. When asked why she hadn’t invested that money back into her business, she said it was because she wanted to save for a house.

This is the kind of attitude that separates winners from losers. Yes a house is important, yes it seems like a smart investment, but what it really does is grind everything to a halt. It’s like you’ve chosen to call it a day because you’ve reach a good level, like getting halfway up Everest and saying it’s better than most people let’s stay here.

Cole Hatter is a perfect example of reinvesting your money. Cole and his friend attended a real estate seminar that would teach them how to make money from real estate.

At this seminar the two were asked to pay a larger sum of money in order to gain access to this information.

After a brief discussion Cole was convinced. His friend however decided to back out. He said that he wanted to go on vacation with his girlfriend that summer and needed the money for that.

Cole explained to his friend that they could go on holiday now, just the once. Or they could invest in this course, make big money forever and eventually have holiday homes all around the world that they could visit whenever they wanted.

His friend didn’t see this as a smart choice.

His friend is still broke taking one holiday a year and Cole is a multi-millionaire property investor.

Levelling Up

After the investment stage we see the results. This is where we see who was serious and who wasn’t. If you put nothing in, you’ll get nothing out. If you put a little in, you’ll get a little out, if you invested heavily you’ll be rewarded heavily by levelling up quicker and more dramatically.

Imagine a Personal Trainer. If they didn’t invest the money they earned and spent it on a deposit for a house. Then yes they have a house, but their financial situation is once again rock bottom. They have a singular asset, but growth completely stops.

If the personal trainer had invested that money into learning from the best in the industry, attending seminars, perhaps opening their own gym, then they’d be in a completely different situation for the future.

They could even become a celebrity/high level trainer who charges $1000 per session and does 5 sessions a day.

At this stage, the personal trainer could buy 20 houses if they wanted to and still have money coming in at an alarming rate.


Beginning The Cycle Again

Another important aspect is continuing this process over and over. You put in the work, earn the money, reinvest it, reach the next plateau and then you start climbing again. This emulates what climbers do when they aim for a checkpoint, rest then go again.

You’ll find that with each next level that you reach, the easier it becomes to complete the process. In the beginning it may take a year to make it through this process.

After a few cycles however you’ll be in a completely different situation. You may have employees, better equipment, systems in place that you didn’t have before.

This is what money can do. If you reinvest in yourself, then eventually your money starts working for you which is called momentum.


The Challenge

The challenge is in the seriousness that you have for success. If you kind of want it, then you’ll work at a minimal level and invest some of your money. This will get you somewhere, but it won’t give you access to a top level life. It will also make things move very slowly. Money and hard work are accelerators, when combined together they’re like adding gasoline to that fire we spoke about earlier.

If you want to be successful in a job, an entrepreneurial sense or even through a craft such as acting. Then you have to prove how serious you are by putting your energy and money where your mouth is.

Never forget, hard work creates money, money creates growth, growth gives us more money and then your money does the hard work for you.

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