Your relationship is going great, you don’t see any issues, then suddenly she’s shouting at you and complaining about something that you never saw as a problem.

In this post we’ll take you through the top 10 mistakes that men make with their partner, so you can avoid them and perhaps save your relationship.


The Top 10 Relationship Mistakes


  • Jealous Over Other Men

A man who’s jealous of other men, displays low confidence. By trying his best to keep his woman, he actually does the opposite. He not only pushes her away, but he also raises the value of the man he’s jealous of.

If someone isn’t a threat to you, then you show little interest towards them. By being afraid of another man’s interest, you make your girlfriend/wife wonder why. She comes to the conclusion that this other man may actually be better than the one she currently has.


  • Losing Your Temper Often

No one likes a hot-head. You’re on edge all the time, tip toeing around just waiting for them to lose their cool over the most trivial things. No woman wants to be shouted at or physically abused. Losing your temper around all women should be a major no.

No matter how much a woman annoys you, or how absurd they’re being, take the higher road and keep your cool. You’ll not only thank yourself later on, but you’ll gain her respect too.


  • Forgetting Important Dates

I don’t need to explain why this is important. Make sure you don’t miss birthdays, anniversaries, Valentines Day and so on. If a certain day means something to her, then it now means something to you.


  • Becoming Stale

Falling into a routine is a major issue for 99% of men in relationships. They fail to keep growing, they fail to keep things fresh and they fail to excite their partner after a certain period of time.

Becoming stale is huge mistake, you’ll lose the spark, your energy for life and maybe even your girl.


  • Being Controlling

Everyone wants to feel free, as if they have full control over their actions and decisions in life. Believing that you have the right to tell someone else what to do is insane.

Being a controlling partner is a form of torture. Stopping someone from going to certain places, telling them what to wear and deciding who they can and can’t talk to, are all forms of controlling behavior. Make sure you give your partner complete freedom, a good relationship is two individuals who choose to involve one another in their personal lives.


  • Being Suspicious

If you’re thinking about checking her phone, spying on her, or anything else that falls into the creepy category, then talk yourself out of it immediately. She may be cheating, she may not, it’s not worth the risk. The truth always comes out in the end, and you should trust your partner enough, to believe that they would tell you.

If it turns out that she wasn’t cheating, then the trust between the two of you has gone, and any relationship lacking in trust is a disaster in waiting.


  • Making Major Decisions Without Asking

A relationship is exactly what it says on the tin. A relationship between two people where everything should be 50/50. Think about business, if you were in a business partnership, you would consult the others involved before you made major decisions. However you would entrust each other to make good, more minor daily decisions separately.

A relationship between a man and a woman works in the same way. Those minor daily decisions, such as what to cook for dinner, or going to the store to pick some things up are on you. The decisions where both parties will be affected, such as the colour a certain room should be painted, or where to go on vacation should be a joint decision.


  • Cheat

This one’s obvious, yet many men still do it. The biggest issue here, is again trust. Whatever trust you had before, has now gone. A happy and relaxed relationship can turn ugly once one person cheats. Cheating can bring suspicion, jealousy and many of the other problems we mentioned above, into a previously great relationship.


  • Give Up Who You Are

A relationship involves many sacrifices, but there’s a limit on how far this should be taken. If you’ve given up your old life, and everything you once enjoyed, then you’re dealing with relationships in the wrong way.

Having a life outside of a relationship is essential. Too many men give up everything for a woman, only to find that she no longer loves the man he has become. Remember, the person you’re with liked the original you, changes and improvements are great, but make sure you don’t lose your identity along the way.


  • Compare Her To Other Women

If there’s one thing that women hate, it’s being compared to another woman and losing. She wants to know that you see her as perfect. If she feels as though you hold other women in higher regard, then she’ll become insecure.

An insecure woman is a man’s worst nightmare, it makes relationships extremely difficult and creates problem after problem for both people involved. Forget about comparisons, everyone is different, appreciate the person you have for what they are.