In the business world people always talk about the features of a good company. There’s exact structures and elements that need to be in place to achieve the title of “well-run” or corporation.

But when it comes to fitness all we ever talk about is how to get there. We talk about diets, the training methods themselves, timing and more. But no one ever does a simple breakdown of a good body.

Why do we believe someone is in shape? What is it about a certain body that qualifies it as being in shape?

These types of questions could shorten everything. Just like the business world, you do the thing each day that is going to have the biggest effect on your progression/performance.

In the fitness world we’re all clustering our methods, rather than taking a laser targeted approach.

This is why we want to look at what has the greatest effect on human perception when it comes to classing someone as in-shape, average or out of shape.

Are there certain features that are worth more than others? Is there a style of body that is perceived as better and does you more favors?

All of these questions will be answered. This will give you two things. An idea of what the ideal body looks like and a structured plan as to how to reach this goal efficiently.


Components Of A Good Body


  • Being Lean

When it comes to being considered in good shape, is there really anything more synonymous than being lean? The guy who’s ripped may actually have bad muscle tone and small muscles, but due to his leaner frame, he has a six pack and his muscles look cut.

Take someone who’s in average shape and make them stupidly lean, and suddenly everything comes together. Muscles begin to pop that you didn’t know were there, and muscles that were always there begin to look larger due to the definition.

In terms of achieving a good body, getting lean is something that should certainly be on your radar.


  • Muscle Mass

There’s plenty of guys who are famous for their bodies but don’t have larger muscles. However the men considered at the top of the fitness industry do have good muscle mass.

With that being said, muscle mass may not be the most important characteristic of a good body. However it depends on your preference. If you want to be considered in shape, then focus on becoming very lean. If you want to reach that enviable elite level then muscle mass suddenly becomes essential.


  • Proportionate

Sometimes you’ll hear people talk about someone being too thin or too big. This comes down to proportion. Sometimes your body is just suited to a certain body type.

A naturally skinny guy may look silly with gigantic arms. Or perhaps even a man with a large upper body and small legs.

Proportion is pleasing on the eye and a huge contributor towards achieving a good body. This is why full-body workouts, anything that involves dynamic movement and sports are essential, they force you to use a range of body parts.


  • Muscle Tone

Muscle tone decides upon our resting position and posture. This feature does wonders for a male body. It’s what makes you fit that T-shirt really well, or that slim fit shirt.

This is where we see a downfall for lean men. Some men can be lean, but their body lacks structure, they look like a floppy bag of bones.

Natural muscle mass is going to add elements of tone, this is why larger men tend to look better in a lot of men’s clothes and seem to have more structure to their frame.

However training muscle tone directly is quite different from training for mass, so there are still improvements to be made for both types of men.

Tone is essential for a good body and something that every man should focus on improving.


  • Healthy

Some people are in great shape, but the way in which they got there has damaged their body. Having a good body is one thing, but having healthy skin and an even color tone throughout is also important.

When the two factors are combined together, the male body can look even more impressive.



Being considered in shape or as having a good body centers on three main components. Being lean, having good muscle tone and proportion.

Yes muscle mass is important it can truly take you to the next level. But as a core focus, the lean six pack look with a proportionate frame that appears to be well-structured can really take you a long way.

From this point you can add muscle and reach an elite level of fitness. But these three components when combined are the true keys to being considered as someone who’s in shape.

Therefore if you’re looking to reach a good body in the shortest amount of time and give yourself a solid base to build from. Then get lean, perform full body workouts, don’t disregard your cardio and keep your meal proportions small and clean. These fundamentals have more impact than any others for being considered in good shape.

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