Of course there are so many things that help you when you’re trying to get in shape. From what to eat to what type of exercise you should do we’ve heard it all.

But all of these things have one thing in common.


When you decide to get in shape, you don’t start off as an expert, neither do you start out with all of the knowledge available to you from day one.

Over time you pick things up, you try things out, you experiment with different methods, sometimes you even take a completely new direction and can’t believe what you were doing before.

This entire process occurs over time. It might take you 3 or even 4 years to even get your first noticeable gains. I’m serious, some people go to the gym for 3 years and look relatively the same at the end.

Then one week they meet someone with more knowledge than them who shows them where they’re going wrong. A week later they look better than they did after 3 years of training.

Is this a problem? Should you look back on those 3 years as a complete waste? Of course not, this is the journey. Obviously the ideal situation is learn as quickly as possible and get results immediately.

But most people don’t have access to this option due to one reason. You don’t know what you don’t know.

How can you get the information you require when you have no idea what to look/ask for in the first place?

It’s time that will bring everything together. Over the period of 5 years in a gym, you’ll see what others are doing, you’ll see who’s training hard but getting nowhere, you’ll see the biggest guys, the most ripped guys, you’ll probably use every machine imaginable, see a few classes in session, talk to others about what they eat, see every single supplement ever created on the shelf, correct all of your mistakes and perfect your routine/diet.

The fitness process is one of trial and error.

The Problem

Most people aren’t willing to wait, which is a good and bad thing. It’s good because it forces you to seek out the answers. But it’s bad because it can discourage many people and they quit/turn to drugs.

I remember going to the gym for around 4 years from 16-20 and not really looking any different at the end. I was slightly more ripped on a good day, I was slightly bigger due to natural growth, but considering the work I’d put in, it was pretty annoying.

Then fast forward to the last 3 months and I’ve probably gained more muscle than all of my years in fitness combined, whilst looking far more ripped.

It’s a matter of trial and error. You make fine tweaks in everything you do. You get to checkpoints where you find new knowledge, try it out, see what results you get, then add to what you already know.

The two biggest mistakes are…

  1. Not giving stuff time to work
  2. Not experimenting

The guy who’s going to have the perfect body by lets say 26 is the one who started at 16, tried everything at least once, listened to advice, changed up his routine when he got comfortable and gave each new thing 3 months minimum before he judged it as good or bad.

I see guys in the gym trying out a new training method for a week, then going back to their old one because they don’t see results yet.

This is insane.

Diet & Time

Diet is no different. People hear about a new shake, super-food or diet craze and they jump on it, then a week later they’re taking something else. Then we get the people who just eat what they want when they want and then complain about a lack of results but aren’t willing to change. There’s not many people who get the balance between time and experimentation correct.

Knowledge is your best-friend, time strengthens that relationship and experimentation helps you confirm it.

If you’re not willing to wait in a realistic fashion, then you’ll never get what you want. I say realistic because I want to encourage people to take what they want in life without sitting back. But even if you go off at 100 mph and invest all of your time into accomplishing the perfect body, you’ll still make mistakes, have to change some things, make tweaks and so forth.

This is life, nothing is ever perfect from day one, and if it is, new technology arises and shits all over what was previous thought of as the best tactics/strategy.


I know this isn’t an actionable tip, you want results I get it, so did I.

But you have to remember that this may be the most important tip you receive in terms of fitness.

I bet many of you are reading this right now because you’re not getting the results you want and are looking for a shortcut/alternative method.

Well this article is to confirm that you’re already moving forwards. How? By searching for new knowledge in the first place. If you’re getting annoyed at looking the same every single day even after killing yourself in the gym, then keep going, I assure you, the information you’re seeking will eventually land on your lap if you stick with it.

I had a clean diet, I trained hard, never drank alcohol, slept well, put tons of hours in, yet I still couldn’t move forward. Turns out I just needed to add up my calories, drop a single meal a day and balance my thyroid. Suddenly fat began dropping from me, I gained large amounts of muscle and even old training methods that I thought were useless were producing results.

Fitness is an impossible jigsaw puzzle. You sit there for hours looking for that single piece, you take a break, come back to it, look again, take another break, then one day there it is, just as you were ready to give up and it changes everything.

My advice is stick with it, keep learning, keep testing and give this journey that you’re on time to unfold.