There’s no denying that there are women out there that can be considered gold-diggers. These are the women who are marrying men in their 80’s with the hope that they will inherit their fortune soon. However not all women have this mentality, even though they may be looking for similar qualities.

The sooner a man realizes this and begins to understand what women want the easier it will become to attract the women he wants.

One of the first steps a man must do if he wishes to attract more women is to understand how their minds work. The second is to lose the perception that all women are gold-diggers. Once you understand that women are genuinely attracted to wealth and power for valid reasons, you can begin to let go of the anger and become the man they want.

Too many men look at pretty women with partners and place the entire relationship on attraction through finances. This mentality needs to change since it’s negative and not very constructive to your own life. Instead of blaming women for being attracted to money you need to take a step back and understand why. By doing this you will realize that money displays a whole range of other qualities that women cannot resist.

This then enables you to become this new type of successful man that attracts women with ease.

 What women want in a man:



Dresses well and takes pride in appearance



Emotional strength



Able to raise a family




Dominance on some level



The qualities above can all be found within a rich man. Power, ability to support a family, confidence and security all come into the picture once the money arrives. A rich man must be intelligent, a leader, have ambition, have courage and maturity in order to become rich in the first place.

Furthermore all of the other qualities on the list will arrive as the man grows with his business or high level job.

 As we can see it’s not the money directly that attracts women, it’s the surrounding aspects that create money or derive once money is obtained that attracts women. Women don’t want to be with a poor man because it usually means he is unambitious, lazy or lacks the belief to succeed in life. They also want a man they can depend on to support her future children and create a family that she has always dreamed of.

 Giving her children the best possible start in life is one of the top priorities in a women’s mating decision, she may not even know this but unconsciously this is what’s going on. It all works in one big cycle.

Having nice clothes and a nice car must mean the man has money, the woman then assumes he must be intelligent, ambitious, confident, a natural leader and different from all the other men. She then makes the link between how easy it will be to acquire assets and start a family making the man attractive for reasons that have far drifted from money alone.

 Most men don’t understand the importance of attracting women through these traits. They believe it’s all about the cars, clothes and bank balance. Once all of that is stripped away a rich man still holds the advantage.

Why? Because he has reached a position in life of great success which has forced him to become a man of high value. No one ever achieves success without hard work or daily self-improvement. Look at any male celebrity, they exude confidence and maturity because their fame has molded them to suit their lifestyle.

 We as men have to start being honest with ourselves. If we got rich and were blessed with good looks then we would turn down 90% of women we met, knowing that we could attract that top 10% of beautiful women in the model category. It’s the same with women towards men, if a woman has been blessed with outstanding beauty she knows she can get nearly any man she wants.

Why would she decide to live a life of poverty with a man who isn’t capable of rising to the top? She simply wouldn’t, she’s going to pick the one with everything because she can. If you want to attract any woman you want then you must start from the ground up. I’m talking about covering all bases, work on everything your weak at and even the things you feel you’re strong with.

Let’s look at the main components:


Emotional stability


Habits and lifestyle

Intelligence and vocabulary

Assets of a respectable nature

Life priorities/life plan

Body language and confidence

Social circle


Have you noticed that financial isn’t on this list? This is because we are building the man first, once you can confidently tick all of these components off the list the money will come in naturally. You will be a driven man with ambition and the maturity to have a plan for your life which women love.

This then creates high levels of social value drawing in women from everywhere. The money will be a by-product of your other aspects all coming together, then you will realize how wrong you were about rich men, especially when others ignore all your hard work and claim that women are only with you for your bank balance.