There’s certain things that every man needs to remember when trying to attract women. Many of these things revolve around having the right mindset, and simply thinking in a logical manner.

In this post we’ll describe to you the 5 main things that every man needs to remember when it comes to attracting women. A few of the points cover similar topics, but are all as important as one another due to the different perspectives.


5 Things Every Man Needs To Remember About Women



  • Unless She’s There, She Isn’t Real

Looking at pictures of women is an illusion. If you look closely at any screen you can actually see the pixels. A picture of a beautiful woman is nothing but a few colors mixed together to form an image.

It may have been captured in the moment, but that moment has passed. That woman is getting on with her life and doing other things while you’re getting carried away with something that cannot benefit your life.

When you actually breakdown what’s happening, getting excited over a woman’s pictures just looks strange. It’s the Walter Mitty effect, you’re sat there day-dreaming about what could be, without doing anything about it.


  • Why Place Her On A Pedestal When You Could Sit There Yourself ?

If you’re looking at a woman like some kind of goddess, then you need to realize that this can also work in reverse. Why be the man who chases after her, when you could be the man that she chases after?

Many men will fall victim to beauty in their life. But very few men will realize that they have the ability to become just as sought after. You have two choices, you either look up to her, or you become the man that she looks up to, it’s that simple, it all depends upon who you want to be.

If you see a woman who you believe is way above you and out of your league, then it’s your job to turn those tables around.


  • Admiring Her All Day Pushes Her Further Away, Forgetting About Her Brings Her Closer

Sitting on social media going through picture after picture will get you nowhere. You can flick through her entire album 100 times, but you’re simply wasting time and not getting any closer to having her.

If you stop wasting time, forget about her, and focus on yourself for a while, then this girl will suddenly become available to you. You’ll be growing as a person, increasing your status and making yourself far more valuable.

Many men will take a certain class, bus, or walk a particular way in order to be closer to the girl they like, but this isn’t benefiting your life. It’s very much like TV. Some people are making money and furthering their careers, and the rest are simply watching them do this.

If you build your life around a woman, or women in general, then your life is going to suffer while you witness her/them moving forward.


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  • Everyone Has A Level

No matter how perfect you think a woman is, there’s some man out there who finds her boring, low level or irritating. Never forget that everyone has limits. You don’t want to be the man who tries his hardest to go home with a woman, but you do want to be the man who she rings at the end of the night to stay with.

These men are the ones with all of the power. They have women that other men would die for, ringing them every 5 minutes looking for approval. When every other man is praising a woman, he walks away and avoids embarrassing himself.

For every beautiful girl in a local town, there’s a man from the city who sees thousands of women just as beautiful every day. For every girl on Instagram with 50k followers there’s a male model with a few hundred thousand. For every female model, there’s a male celebrity who isn’t impressed by her.

This system plays on endlessly until you reach the top, but even then, no one remains at the top for long. Even the most beautiful woman in the world is going to age and become old news eventually.

Your aim should be to become as high level as possible, and realize that the men who are chasing after women are wasting their time. With each level increase, your male competition becomes thinner and thinner.


  • Without Attention, Many Women Have Nothing Left

Most women, but not all, pride themselves on beauty. They know that it’s their biggest strength, and they focus on it far too much.

Let say that beauty sudden evades these women, what now? They would have nothing left because they haven’t built a life outside of this aspect. No more invites to parties, no more attention and no more getting away with things other girls can’t.

Once you realize this, it’s easy to feel more relaxed. You will now understand that collectively, you’re a far more valuable person than her. If all she has is beauty, then she can hardly compete with a man who is intelligent, successful, mature, a good person and so on. Beauty is a very limited talent!