Public speaking is well known as one of the biggest fears among modern humans. It’s not something that we grow up doing, and it’s not something that’s taught to us in school. Most people make it to the adult world with little to no practice in this department.

In this post we’ll show you what it takes to become a world class speaker, so that you can make an impact either at work or at social events.


How To Be A World Class Public Speaker


  • Be Passionate

Whatever the subject, make sure you’re passionate about it. There’s no use in trying to talk about something you have absolutely no interest in. The best speeches come from people who have been a part of the events. Examples include a marine talking about the pain of war, an Olympic athlete talking about the spirit of the games and so on.

When you genuinely care about something, the signs are clear. This will come out in your emphasis and emotions allowing you to capture the crowd effortlessly.


  • Master The Art Of Story Telling

Humans have sat around campfires and listened to stories ever since verbal communication reached a satisfactory level. People love stories, being led down a path without knowing the outcome excites them.

Use this to your advantage and story tell wherever possible. Think of something that’s related to the general message and use a story to build suspense/emphasize the message.


  • Have A Conversation

It’s easy to know when a speech is being read from a sheet. True speaking experts are able to deviate from a script. They may have a speech lined up which they’ve memorized, but they’re flexible. Instead of reciting it like a robot, they’re able to talk as if they’re having a normal conversation.

This enables the speaker to to come across as being more human, which audiences find highly appealing.


  • Teach People Something New

Dopamine is released in the human brain every time we’re taught something new. Humans are like sponges, we want to soak up new information every day if possible. Try and teach them something new, something that will make them raise their eyebrows and take notice. If you can achieve this, then the audience is far more likely to pay attention to the rest of the speech, hoping for more information gems.


  • Jaw Dropping Moments

Shocking people is a great way to get their attention. Everything that’s memorable in your life stays with you because it’s rare. People remember when their kids were born because it’s not everyday that this happens. People remember where they were when 9/11 happened because nothing like it had been seen before.

Try and include a jaw dropping moment in your speech that will get the people off their seats or glued to them. Either way, you’re doing something right.


  • Lighten Up

People hear the word speech and they assume they’ll have to be professional and on their best behavior. But a speech is a form of expression, there’s no law against having a personality.

Move around, tell jokes, smile, relax and be yourself. Just because the boss is there, or a room full of top level people, doesn’t mean you cannot do anything out of the ordinary. Make sure you’re not too uptight, everything works better when we’re calm.


  • 18 Minute Rule

Some speeches are simply too long to pay attention too, and others are too short to get in to. Use the 18 minute rule as a guideline. Science has proven that this is the best time for maximum engagement, without sacrificing quality or being too brief when giving a speech.

Trying to fit everything you want to say into 18 minutes, also forces you to only talk about the key points. In a one hour speech, only a few things really grab your attention. By keeping it to 18 minutes, everything is a need to know piece of information.


  • Paint A Mental Image

They say a picture speaks a thousand words, so plant a picture in their mind. Describe a situation, an event or a feeling by putting the audience in that exact same situation. This will not only help them to remember you, but they will also feel some kind of emotional attachment themselves.


  • Stay In Your Lane

Don’t ever agree to talk about a subject you know nothing about. It will go horribly wrong, and you’ll find yourself blabbing on about nothing just to fill the time.

If you’re a sportsman, then stick to sports. A businessman, stick to business, you get the idea. If you’re knowledgeable and an expert in a certain area, then this will be obvious when you talk. Many people try and relate to the audience by talking about something the audience are well known for. You won’t win any points for sucking up, so stick to your field and teach them something new.


  • Practice

This was always going to be in the list, but it’s true. Practice really does make perfect. This may not be standing in front of the mirror every night, but rather putting yourself in awkward situations that are unfamiliar to you.

Once we get outside of our comfort zones, great things begin to happen. The man who’s taking every opportunity to speak in front of people, will become an expert far quicker than everyone else.

Very few people are naturals, so don’t worry about that. Simply keep trying until you master the art of public speaking.