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It’s easy to gauge how far someone is going to go in life. All you have to do is see what concerns them most, and find out what their goals are.

Once you have these two pieces of information, you can make a pretty accurate assumption as to where they’ll be in 10 years or even 20 unless they change along the way.

There’s a scale that every human sits within, we’ve mapped that out below.


Life Scale – What are you working towards?


End of the day

For a few people, this is all they care about. They’re living day to day, just making sure they survive, have enough money for the next day, and lack any kind of foresight. They don’t even know what their Tuesday is going to look like on a Monday. These people will never achieve anything more than the gift of life.


The weekend

This is, along with the next category, the majority of people. Most will work all week with the weekend in mind. All they think about is alcohol, good times and living life while they’re young. The people on this level with achieve your typical life goals, such as having children, renting their first home, getting a job, pretty standard stuff.


Pay day at the end of the month

The people on this level are identical to those above, except one difference, they wait 4 weeks rather than 1 to enjoy themselves. This means that these individuals will live a similar life, but will probably have slightly more money to call upon when needed.

However they also lack the foresight after the one month stage. They have their entire life set up in monthly segments. Their bills, pay and structure revolves around months, for this reason they’ll never advance from this life bracket.


Short term goals

These people are more ambitious, but only in a general life sense. They want their own home, they want a nice car and they want a good standard of life, but they always reach a point of “good enough”. This individual will save for 6 months for a deposit on a house, then stop there and believe that the hard work is done.

This level is very much like what motivational speaker Eric Thomas spoke about with the lion and the gazelle. The gazelle runs when it needs to. It’s being chased, so it runs and works hard out of instinct. But the lion hunts whenever, wherever. They don’t kill then take a few days off, they actively go out seeking more food, they’re self-motivated.

This is something that people on this level lack. They can’t seem to be motivated when they don’t need to be. They have checkpoints that they need to accomplish. But once they reach them, they fall back into their comfort zone once more, instead of going again and again.


Overall improvement/life progression

This is the second best level on this list. This person wants to improve in all areas of life, is self-motivated, gets things done, moves forward, achieves a good level of success, but lacks one quality…a vision.

They’re working hard each and every day, doing as much as they can, but they don’t know why. This is the type of person that gets spoken about when people debate money and happiness. This person works for money, wants to become rich, buys all the things they want, then looks back and says they were happier before.

This is because they have nothing motivating them past this point. Once they make that money, they’ve got nothing left to live for. This is why so many people claim that money doesn’t make you happy.

If this person had a long term vision, then they’d be able to work on that every day, with the money being nothing more than a bonus and a golden ticket to freedom.

These people are high achievers, but later in life they’re tough to be around and are prone to losing it all. These are your Wall Street guys.


Long term goals/a vision

These people are the millionaires and billionaires who have great lives. They have made it, continue to strive for more, and wake up every day with a smile on their face.

They are working towards something bigger than themselves, which puts them into a state of flow. Flow is where you’re challenges and skill-set are put to the test, but not too much so that you can’t achieve them.

This perfect balance and attitude to life enables these people to achieve relentless success year after year.



You’ll remember that we mentioned “what concerns them most” at the beginning of this article. This single factor could derail everything.

You could be in the final bracket, with a long term vision, but what concerns you most could destroy the entire journey.

This is where we see people with massive potential, who are side-tracked by women.

Here is where we see people destined for success, but the party lifestyle gets a hold of them and distracts them from success.

This is reserved for those who can’t spend their money wisely and earn millions but also spend those millions.

Having goals and a vision is ideal and is something that I encourage. But’s it’s what you do each and every day that gets you to them.

A vision on its own will show you the path. But whether you walk along it or not comes down to your daily decisions.

Bill Gates had a vision for Microsoft when he started out. But the world we live in today could be completely different if Bill was swept away by women, alcohol and enjoying his money along the way.

There’s people making $250,000 a year who could be making $10 million if they just focused more and took everything a little more seriously.

The combination of what you envision for your life, and what you do each day combine to create the life you will live in the future.

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